Today I’m going to cover a serious topic. Every programmer needs a job to get paid. You are a beginner JavaScript developer. If you are trying to get a job on the job market as JavaScript Developer, Front-End Developer, or Full-Stack Developer, then you should know these 10 interview questions.

1. What is the difference between null and undefined in JavaScript?

Today I’m Talking about React core concept. Before you begin, please note that this is a beginner-friendly guide that covers the concepts I classify as Fundamentals for working with React. It is not a complete guide to React but rather a complete introduction.

1. What is React?

React is an open-source JavaScript library (not…

Today I’m talking about how to become a good programmer. In this world, there are so many programmers. Everybody trying to write well-decorated code. But few have to know how to write properly. There are some tricks to become a smarter programmer. That why I decided to write something about…

Today I’m gonna tell you some secrets about JavaScript to become a world-class programmer. I know you are a beginner JavaScript programmer. And you want to become a world-class developer. That’s the reason you are here.

1. String.prototype.endsWith()

The endsWith() method is a String Property. The method is to determine whether the…

Md. Masud Rana

Full Stack Web Developer | Software Engineer

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